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We are a small group of Theravada Buddhists from the Czech Republic. We wish that there is more Theravada Buddhism in our country and, therefore, we distribute Dhamma books and videos via our Pandita.cz website and via YouTube channel Jižní buddhismus.

We are inspired by the Polish YouTube channel Sasana.pl. Some of the videos on this channel have more than one million views and the channel has more than 115 thousand subscribers.

We believe it is worth the effort. Sasana.pl is starting to have some real-world inluence in Poland. The number of Theravada Buddhist centers is growing there.

For sponsors

We are always looking for sponsors. Presently we have enough translations (books/talks) that can be transformed into an audiobook. However, we do not have enough funds to pay for the making (recording) of audiobooks.

We would like to make audiobooks from the books in the list below. We have permissions from both the authors and the translators to distribute the audiobooks via YouTube.

The links above will take you to Czech translations of English written (or spoken) books and talks. However, to help you understand what we are doing, we have used English titles on this page.

If you are considering to sponsor our activities, please visit our For Sponsors page.

For sponsors

Facebook Group

We are interested in spreading the Dhamma and we would like to meet people with the same interest. We also would be very happy to share our experiences with the international Buddhist community.

It would be good if there was a place where Dhamma sharing enthusiasts from all the world could meet and share their experiences and good practices.

For these purposes, we have started a Facebook group. The name of the group is Buddhist Content Creators.


You certainly can contact us via our Facebook group. However, you can also contact us via our email: cz.pandita@gmail.com.